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Milan 2010, or WTF?

April 28, 2010

Milan Design Week was a couple weeks ago and I kept coming across blog posts that stopped my scrolling and had me muttering “What the feck?” (Get the reference?) Anyway, I couldn’t keep all this “design” to myself.  I share…so without further ado, the Worst of Milan 2010.

I don’t even know what to say about this.

Did someone (named Fabio) have a bad trip while watching Phantom of the Opera? It makes me SO uncomfortable just looking at it. Uncomfortable in the way of Kids or To Catch a Predator.

A sofa/punching bag named The Champ. Perfect for when you’re just sitting back watching 9 by Design and your roommate starts blasting bubblegum pop and you realize the chances of Boyfriend growing up and moving in are slim…ka-POW. Take THAT.

This club chair if you will, is “built to resist”.  Unfortunately. “Honey, the fires have spread and we need to evacuate. Grab our valuables and irreplaceable mementos The Chair.”

For the Temple of Doom themed bash. Somewhere, some dude is super duper excited he held out on the old lady’s request for one of those nifty water feature in the family room…because now he can blow this month’s payment on the double-wide on not just water, but STEAM. High five.

Debating that kitchen remodel? Like classic black and white but fear it’s too boring for you, doesn’t embody your free spirited funkiness? This one’s for you. You’re welcome.

Matching couch sold separately.

PLEASE click on the image above to see more of this fiber optic infused furniture. I believe these were designed in the early eighties after a rager of a Dungeons & Dragons tournament in Mom’s Arkansas basement.

Revisiting these links has given me a headache. You can check out Versace’s usual over the top extravagance here, a kitchen with a sense of humor here, and a kitchen I am still undecided about here.


Happy Prehistoric Feet

April 28, 2010

Today, a long-awaited package landed on my doorstep containing Pelle Moda’s Shantel Open Toe Platform Booties and I think I might have actually squealed with delight upon opening the box.
They’re even better in person! Thanks to the pebbled nubuck, it looks like a prehistoric animal died on my foot…with a killer platform and heel. Who knew that was what I always wanted!? These were supposed to be a “for every day” shoe this summer, but I’m so in love with them that I’m tempted to make them a “for special occasions” shoe. I’m already dreading the potential for damaging them. I love them so much that it’s taking every inch of self-restraint not to curse in writing just to emphasize HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME they are.

Now I want them in black as well- and a spare set to keep in the back of the closet so that someday when these die, there’s a plan B. I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH.


Did I mention how good they smell? Yes, I’m reclining on my couch, periodically sniffing them.

– Shelby

When did Club Monaco become relevant?

April 26, 2010

I have no idea when it happened, but at some point, Club Monaco started doing some pretty cool stuff…

Those over-the-knee socks and the trench are calling me. Conversely, their fabulous jewelry has had my number for years.

Unfortunately their website borders on worthless, so you’ll have to drop into a store.

All images from


The Romper Silhouette

April 25, 2010

I never wanted a romper until I asked my girlfriend what the garment was that was creating this fabulous silhouette-and it turned out to be one (actually, it’d started as a pant romper and she had a tailor turn it into shorts). Now, I’m not a big lover of shorts – they give me a fat-leg complex, but now I’m inspired to dabble. I think what makes this one so awesome is the way it appears longer in the back than it is in the front, cutting the leg on a diagonal instead of straight across – very flattering. Whatever I end up purchasing, I’ll have similarly tailored…and a belt- this look definitely benefits from a big ‘ol belt, so I’ll be avoiding those with built-in ties.


– Shelby

Business on the top, Party on the bottom

April 23, 2010

I may not be the most adventurous in my print and color choices at the moment, but sweet lawd am I obsessed with loud footwear. To show the Givenchy awesomeness from an earlier post in a different light, please feast your ojos:


Fashion Gone Rogue

The Room, Spring 2010 – Emilio Tini shooting Cato Van Ee

– Shelby

More Cushion for the Pushin’

April 23, 2010

What does one do all day with no responsibilities or money, you ask?

Well no one asked but I’ll bitch and moan anyway. Last week I made pillow covers. These two on the far right…

(Ikat from F&S, green&white from Diamond Foam)

And the striped one (IKEA). And the floral (F&S).

I’m pretty sure I also put on a couple pounds. So this post title is doubly relevant.


Click Picks 4/23/2010

April 23, 2010

A girl can dream. This shop, part of the Anthropologie + Urban Outfitters dominion, sells some interesting vintage items as well as mostly garden-related stuff. These lanterns do not fall into either category or into my budget. Imagine the shadows cast…

If I felt the love I’d buy this for Roommate. Not that she has any horizontal surface space left to put it on.

Turns out Boyfriend’s goatee IS leaning towards unsavory.

I wish I had seen this tutorial before I attempted invisible zippers. At least I’m not dreading making the daybed pillows now. (1 down, 2 to go)

For the curtains, I’m thinking I’d like to trim them in red. This whim may be totally stupid but definitely influenced by the plethora of Scandinavian reads on my blogroll. Please advise.

The living room/dining room/kitchen ivory silk curtains (it’s one really long wall I thought should be unified) could benefit from this ribbon trim too. Sucks for me that if I only trim the inside of the panels, that’s still 48 freaking feet, or 16 yards of trim. Which comes to about 34% of my unemployment check. Score.

Yes, I’m unemployed. Send money.

Concrete lace and lace shovels. Pretty/tough.

Time for me to go nurse this hangover. TGIF.