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DIY To-Do List

April 30, 2010

Google Reader is awesome for my link hoarding habit because it lets you add tags to posts, allowing you to go back and find that dream house under “crazy shit” or the wedding favor under “bells”. I recently decided to consolidate my hundreds of bookmarks and tags and in the process thought I would share some of the current DIY’s residing at the top of my list.

I’ve been waiting for this…and as usual, Design Sponge came through. DIY filament bulbs.

D*S also gave me the idea to put the branches from my hellish patio trees to use as push pins. How satisfying.

This bright image makes me want to add a shelf over a doorway. I don’t even need the space, but it’s just so darn cute.

A trip to Michaels is in order to figure out how to make this ear clip. Usually I don’t think I’m “cool” enough for earrings like this, but as I’m turning late twenties in a week, screw YOU hipsters.

Design Sponge strikes again. I never noticed how many of my DIY projects come from this crazy awesome blog. For when my computer isn’t embarassing i.e. super duper loud, anymore, I think I’ll give it some lovin’ with this classy menswear-ish case. Any excuse to buy a grommet gun thingy, right? The Portel case is actually affordable so maybe by then I’ll have a job and can return to shopping instead.

And at the top of the list is a version of this hidden jewelry box. Instead, it will disguise my ugly thermostat. I just have to finish sealing the patio, planting ivy, hanging the linen closet doors, and decorating the guest room first.



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