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Click Picks 4/30/2010

April 30, 2010

Where I’ve been clicking this week…

Not sure how I feel about these stools made to look like snow covered tree stumps. Yay for using a fallen tree, nay on the price.

The Handmade Marketplace looks both useful and pretty to look at.

I dream of a private pool and these architects nailed it at the Sagaponac House, for a lucky someone.

Just when I thought I was running out of wall space, Aphro Chic has to up and introduce me to another fab etsy artist.

2Modern wowed me with pics of this falling garden in a Venice church.

2 lavish penthouse apartments that Made by Girl found…lucky brats.

I loved this idea when Blueprint first ran it ages ago, and have since had my own version of this on hold…I have the letter my mom wrote to my grandmother from Germany (in spanish) when she found out she was pregnant with me. Some day I’ll get the pages properly printed up and framed. Some day.

And last but not least…make sure you get reeaaal close to your monitor…

You can stop staring, you’re right. These are vag cupcakes.


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