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Milan 2010, or WTF?

April 28, 2010

Milan Design Week was a couple weeks ago and I kept coming across blog posts that stopped my scrolling and had me muttering “What the feck?” (Get the reference?) Anyway, I couldn’t keep all this “design” to myself.  I share…so without further ado, the Worst of Milan 2010.

I don’t even know what to say about this.

Did someone (named Fabio) have a bad trip while watching Phantom of the Opera? It makes me SO uncomfortable just looking at it. Uncomfortable in the way of Kids or To Catch a Predator.

A sofa/punching bag named The Champ. Perfect for when you’re just sitting back watching 9 by Design and your roommate starts blasting bubblegum pop and you realize the chances of Boyfriend growing up and moving in are slim…ka-POW. Take THAT.

This club chair if you will, is “built to resist”.  Unfortunately. “Honey, the fires have spread and we need to evacuate. Grab our valuables and irreplaceable mementos The Chair.”

For the Temple of Doom themed bash. Somewhere, some dude is super duper excited he held out on the old lady’s request for one of those nifty water feature in the family room…because now he can blow this month’s payment on the double-wide on not just water, but STEAM. High five.

Debating that kitchen remodel? Like classic black and white but fear it’s too boring for you, doesn’t embody your free spirited funkiness? This one’s for you. You’re welcome.

Matching couch sold separately.

PLEASE click on the image above to see more of this fiber optic infused furniture. I believe these were designed in the early eighties after a rager of a Dungeons & Dragons tournament in Mom’s Arkansas basement.

Revisiting these links has given me a headache. You can check out Versace’s usual over the top extravagance here, a kitchen with a sense of humor here, and a kitchen I am still undecided about here.


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