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Happy Prehistoric Feet

April 28, 2010

Today, a long-awaited package landed on my doorstep containing Pelle Moda’s Shantel Open Toe Platform Booties and I think I might have actually squealed with delight upon opening the box.
They’re even better in person! Thanks to the pebbled nubuck, it looks like a prehistoric animal died on my foot…with a killer platform and heel. Who knew that was what I always wanted!? These were supposed to be a “for every day” shoe this summer, but I’m so in love with them that I’m tempted to make them a “for special occasions” shoe. I’m already dreading the potential for damaging them. I love them so much that it’s taking every inch of self-restraint not to curse in writing just to emphasize HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME they are.

Now I want them in black as well- and a spare set to keep in the back of the closet so that someday when these die, there’s a plan B. I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH.


Did I mention how good they smell? Yes, I’m reclining on my couch, periodically sniffing them.

– Shelby


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