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Click Picks 4/23/2010

April 23, 2010

A girl can dream. This shop, part of the Anthropologie + Urban Outfitters dominion, sells some interesting vintage items as well as mostly garden-related stuff. These lanterns do not fall into either category or into my budget. Imagine the shadows cast…

If I felt the love I’d buy this for Roommate. Not that she has any horizontal surface space left to put it on.

Turns out Boyfriend’s goatee IS leaning towards unsavory.

I wish I had seen this tutorial before I attempted invisible zippers. At least I’m not dreading making the daybed pillows now. (1 down, 2 to go)

For the curtains, I’m thinking I’d like to trim them in red. This whim may be totally stupid but definitely influenced by the plethora of Scandinavian reads on my blogroll. Please advise.

The living room/dining room/kitchen ivory silk curtains (it’s one really long wall I thought should be unified) could benefit from this ribbon trim too. Sucks for me that if I only trim the inside of the panels, that’s still 48 freaking feet, or 16 yards of trim. Which comes to about 34% of my unemployment check. Score.

Yes, I’m unemployed. Send money.

Concrete lace and lace shovels. Pretty/tough.

Time for me to go nurse this hangover. TGIF.



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