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Room Makeover Inspiration and Rantings

April 20, 2010

It’s time to redecorate my guestroom/office, because I said so.  In my perfect world/alternate universe this room would be an office/treadmill parking spot, but alas, Boyfriend has yet to grow a pair and take the next step (by moving in) thereby freeing me from the “odd” roommate and her mountain loads of crap. Do you ever watch Hoarders and wonder how someone ends up drowning in tchotchkes and pooping in plastic bags in the kitchen? Come on over and watch this shitshow.  I’m telling you, I couldn’t make this shit up.  I have a future A&E special in the making RIGHT HERE!

But I digress.

Last week’s pillow cover project left me yearning to finally become friendly with my sewing machine. We’ve been acquaintances for years but I never really wanted to get to know it all that well, with all its settings and options and excess baggage. So after bringing it out of its old home i.e. original cardboard box, I dusted it off, and even taught myself how to (haphazardly) insert invisible zippers in said pillow covers. Yay for me.

Then, in an attempt to regain MY spare room back from Roommate’s 3,247 simultaneously occurring projects that drive me to pill popping I decided to bring out the fabric I had purchased to slipcover the daybed long ago. I knew it was way back that I had made the impulse purchase so I dug up the proforma from Kravet and yup, MAY. A whole freaking year later and I am just now pulling the roll out from where I had not-so-masterfully stashed it behind the curtains. Slacker extraordinaire, that’s me. Anyway, so in this attempt to get her piles of crap out of this here room she does not pay rent to destroy, I spent the afternoon googling how the hell to make a fitted slipcover. Google never fails me…I am about a third of the way finished after just a couple of hours. But as I can see the cover take shape, I am torn with what to keep and what to store in this little room.  It started taking on an ethnic or Moroccan vibe a while back but I never really moved forward on any sort of plan and random accessories (including Roommate’s fake flowers – anything with a hole, and she’s shoving a cheap fake flower in it) just end up migrating here. Soooo it’s time to redecorate. My dilemma is just how much color I want in this space.

Shelby teases me for my insatiable appetite for colors, especially jewel tones.

Am I nuts because this old Anthropologie rig turns me on?

I have a pouf in the living room I could bring in here, as well as tons of colorful votive holders.

But I am just as drawn to this simple and neutral room.

Fantastic and totally not an option.

Yes, please.

Sea foam!

I’m definitely considering some type of canopy over the daybed. This is the only room I didn’t have the popcorn ceilings removed so any excuse to not vomit upwards…

So freaking peaceful. I think this picture inspired last year’s patio makeover actually.

This might be perfect. Neutrals + splashes of color, unexpected touches and a Moroccan wedding blanket – I die.

I guess I should explain what I have to work with here.  The wallpaper is a slightly textured solid metallic that shines kind of like a blushing lavender?? It’s called “Precious” if that’s a hint. I’ll try to dig up an image.

The slipcover fabric is an off white moire but the lighting and wallpaper bring out the yellow tones and the weave gives it a faux bois look as well. Bonus points for Crypton.

In front of the daybed is a tribal rug I found at a west elm outlet last year, in ivory and espresso. I can’t find a picture of it, but the closest would be the Alhambra style or this one from Pottery Barn:

The drapery is good ol’ Ikea Merete in Bleached:

And no office is complete without this classic:Or this bookshelf with tons of storage for magazines and art supplies:

This bitch is bolted to the wall for earthquakes so it ain’t going nowhere.

And under the window is a 3 1/2 foot long red lacquer steamer trunk type drawer thingie complete  with rusty brass hardware and leather handles. So red is kind of mandatory in here. And now that I’ve mastered pillows, I can swap all these out on a whim too. Maybe once I finish the slipcover it’ll all magically fall into place. Before and after pictures to follow eventually.

And one more for the road:


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  1. Nicole Cohen permalink
    April 21, 2010 9:55 pm

    Oh man, cant WAIT to see the room when its done. Your pics were drool worthy today.

    I saw that one with the silver, gold and bronze wall in person at the kips bay show house a few years ago. The designer made that wall out of tin cans!

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