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Click Picks 04/16/2010

April 16, 2010

Feeling Haggard

I simply have not gotten enough beauty rest this week. First it was the inconvenient rain, then the DIY frenzy it provoked. I just need to hook up this coffee IV and I’ll be A-OK…since I don’t have this awesome coffee setup in my kitchen.

Discounted art prints via Bloesem. “Love is in the Air” currently resides on one of my bedroom walls.

Crafted myself stupid and totally missed this shiny/filthy-ness.

This is nuts, in a mini-fantastic kind of way.

My laptop fan is louder than a 747 during takeoff.  Once that Nigerian royalty’s check comes in, I’ll get one of these.

And these.  Hell, throw these bad boys in the cart, too. It IS my birthday in 3 weeks.

Speaking of, I would like some fancy red velvet cupcakes for breakfast on May 8th. You hear me, Shelby? Make them extra pretty. For the big ass cake with (XX) candles, one of these beauties will do.

In the meantime, let’s hope these magical Coachella tickets come through for this weekend. A wedding in Orange County and a music festival in the desert are RIGHT up my alley.



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