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Case of the Mondays, and Lonny.

April 12, 2010

Blame it on the freak weather, but I am finding fault with everything this morning. Maybe because I was THISCLOSE to finishing my outdoor projects and then it rained and of course I was too late in trying to cover all the upholstery. [kicks rocks]

Thanks to Table Tonic and sketch42, I found out the latest Lonny Mag is available. I immediately clicked over to check out all 227 pages and went from excitement, to confusion, to WTF, and back to happy conspiracy theorist.

Please don’t hate me, but I think Nick Olsen is overrated.  Sure, his designs (styled and professionally lit) are fun to look at, but I think 5 minutes in this room would be sensory overload. I simply don’t carry enough anti-anxiety meds with me for such a feat. I consider myself quite schizophrenic in my tastes, but this sofa and accompanying pillows (Leopard? Really?) need to be institutionalized. Better, someone drop a cigarette on it and fan the flames, and quick. Then again, I’m no Miles Redd fan either and it seems the general consensus in the design world is “yay”. However, I am sure they are both lovely people.  Note: I do enjoy his blog!

Oh, silly me. I just bothered to zoom in and read the article…Olsen’s “gold standard” is Miles Redd. D’oh.

On a more positive note, his graphic floors are pretty fantastic. He is also adept at describing his apartment : “best described as a Chinese opium den meets glossy grandma.” He nailed it.

What I learned from Lonny:

  • The fellow boozehounds over at Lonny love a carefully edited bar cart/tray above all else. Seriously, browse the archives and see for yourself.
  • They also love a python tray pictured six times this issue.  Six. It also coincidentally resides in Betsie Burnham’s office (last issue). Note: it also features booze. I’ll spare you a seventh viewing here.
  • Crisp chevron stripes will never go out of style if Rubie Green has anything to say about it. I really thought I was too late to jump on this trend train, but I guess as long as Lonny lives, I can go ahead and make some pillow covers. Several RG ads, a large area rug, and Michelle Adam’s drapes are so cheery, I’m a little jealous.

This mirrored chevron stripe credenza thing also took my breath away:

To me, this is some serious disco furniture porn.

  • Tools can be dipped in gold. Whaa??



Update: Now that I’m in a slightly better mood (no thanks to Oprah today) I feel guilty about dissing Mr. Olsen. He DID work for Domino. And I DID love his previous abode. I would still give [my roommate’s] right arm for this lovely sofa. And he IS so pretty to look at. Sorry, Nick.

  1. spellcheck permalink
    April 12, 2010 1:17 pm

    “Olsen’s ‘gold standard’ is Miles Redding.”

    Redd, not Redding.

  2. April 13, 2010 7:08 am

    He used to work for Miles…
    Anyway, I too noticed that python tray in EVERY HOME in the mag…

    That disco decor porn room was my FAVORITE!!!!! Loved it.

  3. April 13, 2010 7:10 am

    Oh, and also… there are TONS of rooms I would never want to live in, like anything by KW or Miles and ohhh so many more… but I LOVE looking at their stuff and think they are awesome.

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