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Mix Your Own Nail Polish

April 1, 2010

Admittedly, my polish habits are somewhat unadventurous. They involve finding a favorite, wearing it almost exclusively for approximately two months and then moving on to the next.  Often, my re-stocking habit entails buying about 3 bottles on any given trip, and if we’re being honest, they’re usually just various shades of whatever color I’m fancying at that moment. Despite squinting at bottles held against my hand to evaluate their suitability for my skin color, I often fail (realized after I’m home and have test driven them) and those bottles sit untouched, taking up valuable real estate. Determined to make use of some of those colors, I’ve started mixing and layering. That experimentation has led to my past few favorites-one of which garners constant inquiry. It has also made me appreciate wearing something that nobody else has a dupe for. Two recent favorites can be seen below-excuse the state of the polish on my nails, it has been approximately 5 days since I painted them, and I hadn’t used a top coat.

The gray/purple shade was originally Essie’s Chinchilly (a mid-tone gray)-which, with it’s yellowy-green undertones looked horrendous on me. Unfortunately, I’d mixed this color back in November, so I’m not sure that I remember the exact formula, but I’m fairly certain I simply added some of OPI’s Light My Sapphire, and possibly a drop or two of a red or maybe Essie’s Wicked, to warm it up. I get asked about this color ALL THE TIME and it’s my all time favorite.

With the recent heat in LA, I was craving something less drab and so this poorly represented oyster-shell pink was born. In actuality, it reflects an array of colors, an attribute that was completely lost in the process of photographing it. This came about by layering an old bottle of IsaDora in Lotus (which is much too transparent to be worn alone) over Essie’s Body Language. The cool thing about this combo is that it appears quite matte while also having that oyster-like reflective quality that I love so much.

Luckily, I have a whole slew of nudes and pastel grays from my ‘purchase various shades of the same color’ habit – and they make an amazing jumping off point for the mixing of other colors. I highly recommend the practice, especially for your hardly used colors and those you’ve since moved on from.

– Shelby


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