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Nudity & Spring… Sounds Natural

March 29, 2010

I am currently dog-sitting my friend’s completely untrained Pug/Terrier mix, Scout. And by untrained I mean the absolute only thing she knows is that defecation happens outside or on her potty pad – period. Having just shat on my area rug (fail on both counts), she’s now hiding out of reach, beneath my bed where wriggling across the floor as if it were a slip and slide would be my only option for enslaving her. All I have to say to that is “when pigs fly”. Oh, and that command “come”- worthless. It seems it has only been used in attempts to summon her when she has done something wrong, so regardless of circumstance and baiting, she hears “come” and she runs for cover as if her very life depends on it-which it does, in this instance. Silver lining, that gives me a solid 15 minutes of complete quiet to write this post before she’ll come creeping out, asking for forgiveness…at which point I’ll close her in the bathroom for another 15 and attempt to forget that I’m stuck with her for another 24 whole hours, and finish what I’ve started…I’m just kidding…ish.

Now for the awkward segue…  Fortunately for me, the new spot on my formerly taupe area rug is not a color that offends, because unlike Lis, I’m generally a lover of neutrals- at least when it comes to my wardrobe. White, navy, gray and olive green are the shades that dominate, with pops of color coming in like fleeting crushes. I had a strong fuchsia moment that seemed like marriage material a couple of years ago, but since then, my relationships with color have been more like superficial, passing attractions. They’re in, the attraction is acknowledged, we make eyes at eachother, and then 10 minutes later, they’re out of sight and out of mind – generally never to be worn.

Luckily for me, the military and nude trends this spring mean there’s a lot on the market that meets my color requirement. My spring inspiration board is below and my first project will follow shortly as I attempt to make my ex’s opinionated 11-yr old daughter (oh, the tangled webs we weave) an agreeable, on-trend look as I revamp some plain, cheaply purchased basics. This task will involve converting a devout skinny jean wearer to boyfriend jeans when all of her friends are equally committed to the skinny silhouette.  And with that, let us pray.

P.S.  Following a heavy-handed application of Resolve, Scout’s spot is 100% invisible. The upsetting part is that I’ll always know that it was once there and will never again be able to lie body-to-nap on that once lovely, virginal-in-shit-dom rug. Ever.

The Goal: Combine Spring’s tough, military  trend with light, sheer, airy, feminine pieces in whites and nudes. I’m still loving the toughness of everything of this past winter, so we just want to take the fabric weights and colors a step in a lighter direction. I’m also still loving the chains and studs, but maybe applied more delicately, clustered etc. Lastly, I’m eager to combine various prints in neutral palettes. Key accents: petite-sized burnished sequins, crystals, delicate chains in haphazard clusters.

– Shelby


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