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Spring Has Freaking Sprung

March 27, 2010

It’s 11pm on a Friday night, and I am not dolled up and out on the town. I am rocking sweats and a Hanes t-shirt, typing with 4/10 fingernails painted, seeing multiple computer screens after sucking face with a bottle of chlorine.

I kid, I kid.  The chlorine high was completely unintentional as I don’t favor headaches or stumbling over monosyllabic words.

There’s a very good reason as to why I’m lame tonight. You see, spring means bright skies, chirping birdies and blooming flowers.  It also means BASEBALL. And to the Indy-born Boyfriend, this means it’s ON. Yes, like Kong. I would never be so foolish as to ask him to choose between me and his beloved Cubs because frankly, I kind of want him to stick around for a li’l bit longer. This is why I sit here blogging while I wait for the brain fog to clear so that I can pack. I’ve been planning a bajillion spring projects for my home, both inside and out, and I am putting them on hold until Monday. Boyfriend and I are instead going to get up retarded early, drag our butts into the backseat of his brother’s car and embark on a six hour road trip to Mesa, AZ. Watch a preseason Cubs game in AZ? Check.

I’m secretly excited because honestly, I’m a sucker for road trips. Any excuse for cheesy photo ops. However I seriously wish I was going to see THIS up close and personal instead…

How freaking amazing is this? Tulip fields in the Netherlands. Yay it’s spring! I want to paint some furniture in any of these colors, I want to wear them, I am totally inspired.


(I’ll give credit where it’s due once I figure out how to do that…virgin blogger here.)

If you can’t hop on some Dutch airline to see these glorious colors for yourself either, there are plenty of ways to inject some oomph into your space. A little interior design inspiration here:


I wonder what that purple wall looks like in person. Photos are deceiving…but that Chesterfield is to die for.

So Happy Spring! Happy First Post to TS/FO! And good night to me! I’m off to dream about baseball butts players in  Technicolor.



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