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May 18, 2010

Lately I feel as if I’m desperately clawing my way up and out of a rabbit hole. Except I can’t even see the light so I’m probably just digging sideways into some other bunny’s dark abode.  Shelby, my apologies for disappearing from the blogosphere and our sofa sessions. Eventually, I have to catch a break. I WILL find a fantastic new job. I WILL catch up on all my blog subscriptions so that I feel somewhat prepared to blog, too. I WILL figure out how to cope with some of the shit that keeps landing on my head when I’m not stepping in a big pile of it first. Dammit [Life], damn you to hell.

P.S. There are only 810 posts to go AFTER a couple hours at it this morning.




May 12, 2010

Eureka. It’s not just the street our tanning salon is on.

This little guy is changing my life as of an hour ago. FINALLY I can enter the 21st century and have cell phone reception INSIDE my home. No more chain smoking outside, sniffing dog pee with every passing breeze. My service has been so terrible since I switched to the iPhone a year ago that I have over 8500 rollover minutes…seriously. For a mere $150 I am now able to have Boyfriend, Shelby and 7 other cool iphone people make phone calls inside as well.  I’m so damn elated I may just call up ex-friends and such just to get those gazillion minutes used up. Peace out.


Is There Anything Cooler?

May 3, 2010

I have serious doubts as to whether anything can top this. Rocker style at it’s best.

– Shelby

Because I Said So

May 3, 2010

When it comes to dressing myself, the immediate gratification seeker in me tends to follow the fashion forecasts and couture shows, but dwell in the present and what I can wear RIGHT NOW. This has become particularly relevant in LA where the winters are so mild and the seasons so perpetually sunny that you simply look dumb attempting to wear your wintry wardrobe any other time of year. Sorry Fall 2010, in one ear and out the other. Allowing myself to get emotionally involved with looks that won’t be relevant for a number of months is simply torturous and leads to many a failed shopping expeditions as the picture in my brain of what I’m wanting to wear isn’t yet on the shelves (or seasonably appropriate-because it’s 85 and sunny, ‘self, you’ll be lucky to have cause to wear that jacket in the dead of January, dammit!’). Sure, I can wear my fabulously chunky cardigan…in the frozen food aisle. Lately I’ve been growing bored with my closet at an unfortunate rate, therefore the below really ought to find their way into it…

Sass & Bide Bullet Leggings $860, Alice + Olivia Sequin hot short $198, Torn by Ronny Kobo Gold Skirt $161, Gryphon mini skirt $103, J Brand Lightweight Skinny Jean $160, Eryn Brinie Baggie Trench Coat in Sky Blue $127, Equipment Silk Oversized Shirt $174, Golde Asymmetric Zip Leather Vest $595, Brian Atwood Loca Stud Suede Pump $795, Velvet Shape Shiftr Jacket from Pixie Market $171, Gemma Stripe Blouse-conveniently sold out at Shopbop, Opening Ceremony Long Cuff High Heel Sandal $484, Mini for Many Paulina Shirt in Party Dots $81

There was a time… let’s approximate that it was surrounding the ‘Britney Spears’ era, when if my apparel reflected stripper garb, it wasn’t of great consequence. The fact that Abercrombie and Fitch tended to offer sweaters and tops that were about 2″ too short in the torso just made them THAT much better with my Frankie B jeans that were conveniently 2″ lacking in the rise. Yea, I’m owning it. Now, creeping toward the end of my 20’s, I’m highly sensitive to anything that hints at stripper. While at a nightclub recently for a performance by a well-known female hip hop artist, these Versace beasts galloped onto the stage and I died on the inside. Lets note that she’d worn them with a revealing cotton jersey, color-blocked, bodycon LBD. I WANT to like these boots, I like platforms, I like ridiculous heels, I like open-toe boots, and I’m loving prints and textures on footwear – but after I saw them on stage I hated them…that is, until I saw them again, this time styled by Net-A-Porter and as Versace originally put them down the runway. Note to self…and you, stripper-esque notes are just fine…if you find a way to pair them with something with sophistication a’la Versace, or smarts a’la Net-a-Porter. If I saw someone wearing that entire Versace ensemble on the street I’d think “Wow, she’s got style”, not “Wow, what a whore” – and that is the fine line we walk…extra carefully in these 7″ heels.

Versace at Net-A-Porter

I could watch Bluefly’s Closet Confessions ALL. DAY. LONG. Screw MTV Cribs, this warrants a TV show. This beats one of my other favorite things ever, a past story in Instyle magazine about Kimora Lee Simmons’ closet-and I’m pretty sure we got an MTV Cribs tour of it at some point too…or maybe it was on her show (crap, that’s an admission that I’ve watched it), but I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen her give a live tour of the aforementioned closet as well. Go to the below URL for the full length videos.

Click Here For Full Length Videos

Dear Partner in Crime, this iPhone app would bring ease to those “Hey what are you gonna wear tonight” texts, and prevent the inevitable incidence of the inadvertent, matchy-matchy twin-dressing that we’re so good at.

Visit Style Book App

Just when I thought I was tiring of military references, the season finale of Project Runway left me lusting after buckle-laden pants and gators…and disappointed at Jay’s elimination before fashion week. Also making an impression were Seth Aaron’s zipped ankles (not shown)…I might feel my next ‘moment’ coming on.

Question of the week: If one has downstair neighbors and hard floors, where does one jump rope?

I’m serious.

– Shelby

Click Picks 4/30/2010

April 30, 2010

Where I’ve been clicking this week…

Not sure how I feel about these stools made to look like snow covered tree stumps. Yay for using a fallen tree, nay on the price.

The Handmade Marketplace looks both useful and pretty to look at.

I dream of a private pool and these architects nailed it at the Sagaponac House, for a lucky someone.

Just when I thought I was running out of wall space, Aphro Chic has to up and introduce me to another fab etsy artist.

2Modern wowed me with pics of this falling garden in a Venice church.

2 lavish penthouse apartments that Made by Girl found…lucky brats.

I loved this idea when Blueprint first ran it ages ago, and have since had my own version of this on hold…I have the letter my mom wrote to my grandmother from Germany (in spanish) when she found out she was pregnant with me. Some day I’ll get the pages properly printed up and framed. Some day.

And last but not least…make sure you get reeaaal close to your monitor…

You can stop staring, you’re right. These are vag cupcakes.

DIY To-Do List

April 30, 2010

Google Reader is awesome for my link hoarding habit because it lets you add tags to posts, allowing you to go back and find that dream house under “crazy shit” or the wedding favor under “bells”. I recently decided to consolidate my hundreds of bookmarks and tags and in the process thought I would share some of the current DIY’s residing at the top of my list.

I’ve been waiting for this…and as usual, Design Sponge came through. DIY filament bulbs.

D*S also gave me the idea to put the branches from my hellish patio trees to use as push pins. How satisfying.

This bright image makes me want to add a shelf over a doorway. I don’t even need the space, but it’s just so darn cute.

A trip to Michaels is in order to figure out how to make this ear clip. Usually I don’t think I’m “cool” enough for earrings like this, but as I’m turning late twenties in a week, screw YOU hipsters.

Design Sponge strikes again. I never noticed how many of my DIY projects come from this crazy awesome blog. For when my computer isn’t embarassing i.e. super duper loud, anymore, I think I’ll give it some lovin’ with this classy menswear-ish case. Any excuse to buy a grommet gun thingy, right? The Portel case is actually affordable so maybe by then I’ll have a job and can return to shopping instead.

And at the top of the list is a version of this hidden jewelry box. Instead, it will disguise my ugly thermostat. I just have to finish sealing the patio, planting ivy, hanging the linen closet doors, and decorating the guest room first.


Craigslist Circus

April 30, 2010

I can’t believe I forgot to post these pictures as soon as I came across them a couple of weeks ago. I was browsing craigslist for a chair I think, something beat up I could play with and refinish. I was completely caught off guard by this home I so gleefully stumbled upon…

Not sure how even one of these items could make it into someone’s home, much less ALL these unique pieces! Kudos for the glass topped baby grand piano flanked by whatever the hell those gold statue lamps are.

Who doesn’t want a carousel pony?

Or a cabinet filled to the brim with porcelain dolls? (My grandmother also suffers from this addiction.)

And last but not least, the porcelain cat. Also gracefully posing in my grandmother’s cluttered den, FYI.

I showed the “estate” sale listing, and I’m using that term lightly, to whoever was sitting next to me at the time and they said, “Awww someone died!” It never crossed my mind. Oops, I’m a bitch.